Plastic Bag

Big Transparent Bag (13.5'' x 23'')

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T-Cup (Red)

T-Cup (Clear) (50PKT/BAG)

Drink Cup Plastic Bag

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PBM-XL001 (100PCS/10PKT/BAG)

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Bag On Roll (7''x10") (1KG/20PKT/BAG)

HDPE Bag on Roll (10'' x 15'') ( 400g/12Roll/Bag )

HDPE Bag on Roll (8'' x 12'') (20KG/20ROLLS/BAG)

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HD Thin Pack 8"x12" (600g/40Pkt/24Kgs)

HD Thin Pack 7"x10" (380g/60Pkt/22.80Kgs)

HD Thin Pack 6"x9" (280g/80Pkt/22.40Kgs)

HD Thin Pack 5"x8" (280g/80Pkt/22.40Kgs)

IPP 8"x12" (FLOWER) (30KG/BAG)


IPP 7"x11" (FLOWER) (30KG/BAG)

IPP 7"x11" (FLOWER) (30KG/BAG)

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Nylon 9"x14"X0.08 (200PCS/9PKT/CTN)

Nylon 8"x12"X0.08 (200PCS/12PKT/CTN)

Nylon 7"x10"0.08 (200PCS/18PKT/CTN)

Nylon 6"x9" (200PCS/16PKT/CTN)

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OPP 0607 (NO TAPE) (5000PCS/CTN)

OPP 0707 (NO TAPE) (5000PCS/CTN)

OPP 1218 (100PCS/10PKT/BAG)

OPP 1016 (100PCS/10PKT/BAG)

RM 170.00Out of StockRM 190.00Out of StockRM 235.40Add to CartRM 182.20Add to Cart

THAI/PP-TS-BAG (12"X20") (500g/60pkt/30KG)

THAI/PP-TS-BAG (9"X18") (500G/60PKT/30KG)

THAI/PP-TS-BAG (8"x16") (500G/60PKT/30KG)

THAI/PP-TS-BAG (6"x14") (500G/60PKT/30KG)

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