Jelly Spoon (100PCS/50PKT/BAG)

Big Spoon (100PCS/20PKT/BAG)

6.5 Fork & Spoon (50PCS/40PKT/CTN)

6.5 Fork & Spoon (10PKT/CTN)

RM 303.70Add to CartRM 95.20Add to CartRM 59.10Add to CartRM 66.10Add to Cart

Knife (20PKT/BAG)

Tea Spoon & Fork 5" (Tea Spoon) (50PCS/20PKT/BAG)

Chinese Spoon (30PKT/BAG)

Jelly Spoon (200PCS/50PKT/BAG)

RM 50.00Add to CartRM 33.50Add to CartRM 58.00Add to CartRM 350.00Out of Stock

Coffee Stirrer (50PKT/BAG)

Tooth Pick (10PKT/BAG)

RM 79.90Add to CartRM 70.00Out of Stock  

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