HDPE Garbage Bag

GB 23"X30" (20PKT/BAG)

GB 32"x40"x0.051mm (10PCS/30PKT/BAG)

TZ-GB 74cmx90cm (10PCS/200PKT/BAG)

TZ-GB 56cmx84cm (30PCS/120PKT/BAG)

RM 238.10Add to CartRM 146.20Add to CartRM 238.20Add to CartRM 251.50Add to Cart

TZ-GB 4755 (BLUE) (30PCS/200PKT/BAG)

GB 36"x48"X0.029MM

GB 30"x34"x0.028mm

GB 36"x48" 10PCS

RM 283.40Add to CartRM 158.10Add to CartRM 118.90Add to CartRM 105.60Add to Cart

GB 30"X34" 10PCS

HM (20"x30") (10PKT/BAG)

GB 19x19 (White) (100PCS/50PKT/BAG)

RM 99.50Add to CartRM 231.00Add to CartRM 245.60Add to Cart 

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